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انابيب الري بالتنقيط

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أنابيب بالتنقيط
Manufactured with Irritime quality assurance, STAR-R provides a seamless irrigation experience even in the most challenging terrain conditions.
-Flat Terrain
-Fixed Flow Rate
-Surface Irrigation
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 بالتنقيط مرنة
Irritime quality offers efficient and economical drip irrigation solutions for your field, vegetable, and row crops in one or more seasons.
-Flat Terrain
-Fixed Flow Rate
-Thin and Medium-Walled
-Surface Irrigation
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انابيب الري
بضغط قابل لتعديل
For homogeneous and precise irrigation on sloping terrain or over long distances, STAR-P pressure-regulated drip irrigation pipes are produced with Irritime quality.
-Sloping Terrain
-Flat TerrainPressure
انابيب منخفضة
It provides solutions with Irritime quality at different operating pressures to facilitate water transport and meet various irrigation needs
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